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Moving house is stressful. You have to pack up all your belongings, load them onto a van and then unpack everything again at the new place.

Of course there is a lot more to it than that. How do I dismantle all my furniture and beds? This is where removal companies come in. Do removal companies dismantle beds?

The short answer is yes – they do dismantle beds, well most of them anyway. Removal companies have the machinery and tools to take apart and reassemble all types of furniture.

However, dismantling a bed or other furniture will usually acquire an extra charge. Just make sure to check this with whatever removal company you go with.

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Still not convinced? Here’s why you should never try to dismantle your own bed.

  1. Incorrectly taken apart or put back together by an amateur can lead to further costs. This is because it could lead to damages or injuries.
  2. When dismantling a bed, always try to take out the legs first before trying to remove the headboard. Always unscrew everything instead of pulling them apart. If possible, screw everything back together. The last thing you want is for some screws to go missing, leaving small gaps on your bed.
  3. Your bed is a very important purchase and has to last you for a long time. Mark each screw with a number or letter, corresponding to its location on the bed frame. This way reassembling your bed would be much easier when it comes time to do so. Try not to make the same mistake as most people who lose screws.

If you are hiring a removal company to dismantle your beds, make sure they know how to do this properly. Otherwise trust them with the rest of your belongings, but don’t leave them in charge of dismantling any furniture.

When it comes to dismantling beds ensure that all parts are handled carefully to avoid damages and injuries.

Do removals disassemble furniture?

Trying to dismantle and move your furniture yourself without the proper tools and equipment is difficult and time consuming.

It is easy for things to go wrong and if not done correctly can lead to more unnecessary costs. Moving house is expensive enough as it is, so the last thing you need are extra costs due to damages or injuries.

If you would like a reliable and convenient removals service, whether you need your beds dismantling or just help packing everything up, you should always check out your options.

Hiring a removal company can be expensive, so it is important to find the right one for you. This way they will take care of all your belongings with no problems.

Moving house doesn’t have to be hard work when using the right removals company. They are trained to dismantle all types of furniture and will take care of your belongings with the highest level of professionalism.

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Why you should hire a removals company to dismantle your furniture

Key bullet points on why you should hire a removals company to dismantle your furniture:

  • It takes a lot of time and effort to dismantle furniture. Often, the owners have never done it before, so they can get frustrated easily and injure themselves. Hiring a removals company is the easy way out. They have all the tools and expertise needed to take apart furniture without causing any damage.
  • It is a dangerous process. The legs of sofas and chairs can get stuck easily, which requires tools to get unstuck. There are also lots of drawers that can cause injury if they fall on someone’s foot or hand.
  • The removals company uses their own blankets to wrap up the furniture in order to protect it. The blankets are specifically designed for the job at hand.
  • Hiring a removal company is actually cheaper than trying to do it on your own. It is also more time efficient as they have the tools and expertise needed to dismantle furniture quickly. They have all the necessary knowledge about how to take apart sofas, chairs, beds and beds.

Bed types for dismantling

There is a variety of beds designed for different purposes that may need to be dismantled by the removals company. The most common types are:

* Waterbeds – These have a foam mattress filled with water. They are very heavy, so the removals company should be well equipped to take them apart and put them back together at the other end.

* Standard spring bed – These are also called ‘flat beds’ or ‘standard sprung beds’. They are the most common type of bed and they come in different sizes. The removals company should be able to take these apart easily.

* Divan bed – This is one of the heaviest types, so it will require some effort on behalf of the removals company. They need to be well equipped with tools and knowledge to take it apart without damaging the bed or its components.

* Sleigh beds – This type of bed is very popular for bedrooms because they give the room a luxurious feel. The removals company should know how to dismantle these types of beds, but it might take a little more effort than a standard bed.

* Canopy beds – These have a frame that goes over the edges of the mattress, with curtains or fabric hanging from it. They are usually very heavy because they come in different sizes and shapes. In order to dismantle it safely, you should hire a removals company to do this for you.

* Four poster bed – This is another heavy type of bed that requires special attention when dismantling it. Luckily, most removal companies are experienced taking this type apart and putting it back together again without causing too much damage.

* Murphy beds – These are made up of several wooden panels which fold down to create a practical sleeping space. This makes them very popular in small spaces like cabins or lofts. They are especially heavy, so the removals company should know exactly how to take them apart without damaging it or its components.

* Bunk beds – These are usually made up of two single beds that easily come apart and can be stored in another room. They are not as heavy as four poster beds, but they can still be dismantled by a professional removals company.

* Day beds – These do not come apart like other types of bed, but the headboard and frame can easily be stored in another room. They look very stylish and they are perfect for smaller spaces because they take up less room when they don’t have a mattress on them.

Having furniture in your home can make it more beautiful and stylish, but dismantling it beforehand is the only way to move it safely without causing damage.

The removals company will take professional care of your belongings to make sure they arrive in perfect condition at the destination.

The removals team should have experience taking apart and putting together different types of furniture, so just ask them for advice and they will take it from there.

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Choosing the right removals company

Expert Removals in Dublin is one of the most reliable removals companies in the Dublin area for home removals, office relocations and home storage solutions.

We offer flexible times slots so we will always fit around your schedule. Our team of trained movers will handle all your furniture with care and our vans come fully equipped with blankets and straps to ensure safety while loading/unloading items from the vehicle.

We also provide furniture dismantling and packing services should you need assistance in this area as well as full insurance cover for peace of mind during transit! No matter how big or small your relocation may be we’re here to assist!

Save all that time, money and stress and let the right removals company dismantle your beds today.

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