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Packing service


in Dublin Made Easy With Expert Removals

Moving house in Dublin? Our home packing service make it stress free for you! Moving house is always stressful, but we can take the hassle out of it for you.

Newlyweds Lee and Sarah moved from their two-bedroom flat in Dublin City centre to a three bedroom home in Lucan.

You couldn’t move down the road just a few minutes away without doing it all yourself! “We did try to pack up everything ourselves, but packing the kitchen was a nightmare! It took us three days just for that, all our plates and things were damaged.” said Lee.

“We originally tried to find packing boxes ourselves too, we wanted ones with lids because they don’t take up much space when you move in your new house. We were packing up our two-bedroom flat and had boxes stacked all over the place, it was a nightmare.”

Lee and Sarah decided to find packing services to help with their move. “I spent all day in Curry’s trying to find tape, bubble wrap and packing boxes but everything had sold out! We went back every day for a week and couldn’t get anything, we were getting really frustrated.”

After weeks of packing up their flat piece by piece, Lee and Sarah had nearly everything ready apart from the kitchenware. They decided to hire packing services as they didn’t have time for packing anymore with trying to organise everything with their new home or any space left to store packing boxes. “We found Expert Removals online, they came and took all our kitchen packing away with them to their warehouse so we could just move in without a single broken plate! It was fantastic.”

As you already know, moving house can be quite a stressful time. It’s so important to make sure you have the right packing services in place because it can save you from making mistakes that cost you money, and time. If you’re moving house in Dublin and looking to see the packing services we offer our customers then this is the blog post for you!

Finding the best way to store all of those items that have been boxed up can be difficult without help from a removals company like us at Expert Removals. We offer storage solutions in our Dublin warehouse for all types of moves – local, national or international!

Our packing service in Dublin

We provide packing services to customers all over Dublin, and can come to you wherever you are moving from or to. We can offer packing for your home or business, so whether you’re looking for packing boxes for a small move down the road, or packing crates for an international move, we will work out a package to suit your needs when packing with us. Our home packing service is the best in Dublin, and we guarantee to make your move as stress-free as possible! have their place in your new home.

Home Storage While You Move

Full packing Service

We start packing from the minute we arrive at your home, and when packing is finished in your new house you can sit back and relax! We’ll box up all of your belongings carefully, and if there are any mementos or items that aren’t too heavy to carry and you want to keep, we will let you pack them yourself! We’ll use special packing paper if you prefer to keep things in their original packaging. We can also box up plates, glasses and other items that are fragile as well.

We can pack anything from a small bedroom to an entire house, as we have packing experts providing packing services in Dublin for over 20 years who know exactly how to pack everything from clothes to heavy kitchen appliances without damaging them. Our staff are trained packing specialists with many years experience so will be on hand during the moving day(s) to provide any help or advice if required.

Glass packing

Our packing services in Dublin also wrap and pack all glass items for you when packing up your house. We will bubble wrap and tape any glassware or mirrors so they are safe and secure in special packing boxes. For packing specific types of items, we have packing solutions to suit every need. This is just a few things we can pack:


Mirrors and glassware,

Phones and phone accessories,

Tablet computers or e-readers ,

Laptops and laptops accessories,

CDs and DVDs. We can also pack fragile items like antiques, porcelain or anything that is easily breakable. If you have any packing needs that aren’t listed here, just give us a call and we will provide packing solutions for you!

DIY packing service

If you would rather pack your own belongings when moving house or packing up your business in Dublin, then our DIY packing service is perfect for you. With our DIY packing services, we offer all the boxes and packing materials you need. We will supply all packing items for packing your belongings in and out of the house, and we can also provide bespoke crates for antiques and artwork if required!

If you are looking for a packing service,
we provide professional home and commercial packing services in the following Dublin areas: